The park was converted from an incomplete mansion, known as the palace in the sky. One of the best destination when visiting Tagaytay with your family or friends.

It was Sunday afternoon and we have nothing to do at home so we search for some place to stroll and to spend our spare time wise. Since it’s still early, we have decided to go to Tagaytay with my sister and cousin, Doods. We drove from Quezon City to Tagaytay, it took us just 2 hours to reach since it’s not traffic during that time. We left the car in the entrance gate and pay Php30 each entry fee. It’s quite far from the gate to the top of the hill (you can either walk up or pay for a Jeepney). We walked from the entrance all the way to the top and had a really great time.  It was cool and has a stunning view of Tagaytay. We reached the highest peak and saw an old unfinished mansion, it looks awful, not well-maintained and needs renovations. It has plenty of souvenir vendors inside selling different products that make the place looks like a market.

The best part were the beautiful sceneries overlooking Taal lake and volcano, it’s just so breathtaking and magnificent. Overall, we had a great strolled experience. Still worth a visit!

Since we’re already in Tagaytay, we did not skip their best Bulalo. When heading back home, we stopped at Captain Tony’s Garden Restaurant to have dinner and ordered Bulalo costs Php380 per serve good for 3-4 persons, we had the best soup that night. Because of its cool weather most of the restaurants in Tagaytay serves Bulalo.