I went to United States for an internship program, right after college. That was my first international trip or should I say that was the first time I traveled outside the Philippines. I landed in Cheyenne, the capital state of Wyoming on 1st of April 2013.

My first snow experienced was the best. It’s winter season that time and got to experience the snow for the first time. It was a dream since childhood. Watching from the window I couldn’t help my self so I went outside and Ta-daaah! I wasn’t dreaming anymore, I was actually living the reality! That was an amazing moment, my heart filled with joy and fulfillment during that time.

I worked with The Little America Hotel as a J1 intern, it became my home away from home for a year. I am glad until now that I gained a lot of great experiences in hospitality industry there.

Curt Gowdy State Park

This place rocks!

This beautiful park is great for family getaways and perfect for the weekend escape. The park offers popular activities such as horseback riding, water skiing, camping, hiking, biking, and fishing. Swimming is not allowed. I’m glad I did have an opportunity to stroll around and been  able to take a lot of beautiful shots. The calm lake, small waterfalls, granite formations and scenery are just absolutely breathtaking. It was a great adventure. This is the best park that I have visited so far.

Wyoming State Capitol

One of a kind! 

Amazing piece of Wyoming history. It is truly magnificent. This was the first attraction that I have visited when I was in Cheyenne. I’ve been here many times with my friends since it’s just nearby the St. Mary’s Cathedral and  Cheyenne’s downtown. Such a beautiful building, its rustic nature and charm are impressive. Definitely worth a visit in Cheyenne. 

Nightmare on 17th Street Haunted House

Worth a try! 

This amazing haunted house has been scarring victims of an annual basis. My friends and I was here during Halloween. We are new to Cheyenne and this was one of the best. It was pretty fun, we’ve got the best scary experience ever. Loud screams, good laughs and great scares all around. They do all a great job to ensure visitors will be scared to death! Don’t miss out, this is the best haunted house for a real scare. Worth it!

The Daddy of ’em All

Cheyenne Frontier Days “World’s Largest Outdoor Rodeo and Western Celebration.” People from other states and countries come here to witness the biggest Rodeo event every year. I have experienced the Park n Ride with my friends and there we had a great time of the amazing rodeo, fantastic rides and great foods. 

Cheyenne Depot Plaza

Heart of Cheyenne!

My friends and I used to be here during our day off or after church. We did stroll and take some pictures of the magnificent buildings, it’s fun to walk around. I love the giant cowboy boots statues dotted around the area. The historical architecture of the building is still very attractive. It’s worth stopping by to stroll around but make sure not to miss out to check the gift shops with plenty of souvenirs. Definitely not a busy city. If you’re visiting Cheyenne, Plaza is the best place to start. The whole downtown area is really cool.