We had our first Bohol tour last May 30, 2017. We’ve planned for a 2 day trip and the second day were our day tour. We hired a small van and paid Php 1,500 for 8 hrs. Our guide/driver is reliable and well-knowledgeable about  the place. He’s professional, he answers to our queries well and told us interesting stories and histories about the places. My bad,  I forgot his name. We just got his contact from someone in Cebu Pier. I believe that most of the tour guide/driver there were reliable and can be trusted. We have visited seven awesome attractions in one day and the experience was awesome. Bohol has a lot of travel & tours agencies that offer different packages. There are so much to explore and discover in this beautiful place. With all its natural and cultural attractions, this place becomes more popular tourist destination in the Philippines. 

Here are some of the famous attractions to visit in Bohol on a day tour:

  1. Bilar Man-made Forest
  2. Chocolate Hills 
  3. Tarsier Conservation/ Tarsier Sanctuary 
  4. Loboc River Cruise
  5. Bambo Hanging Bridge
  6. Baclayon Church & Museum
  7. Aproniana Souvenir Shop
  8. Blood Compact Marker
  9. Butterfly Farm

One day is not enough. We will be back for more bohol! 

1st Stop: Bilar Man-made Forest
2nd Stop: Chocolate Hills
3rd Stop: Tarsier Sanctuary
4th Stop: Loboc River Cruise
5th Stop: Butterfly Garden
6th Stop: Baclayon Church & Museum