Al Ain Zoo is located in Jebeel Hafeet range. The Zoo is one of the best environmental, recreational, and educational destinations in UAE that definitely a must visit and see. It offers great learning, entertainment and unique experiences to visitors. They also provide special educational tours for kids. The Zoo is well-maintained, very spacious and focusing more on conserving wildlife especially on raising awareness on the importance of preserving different animal species and their habitat. It has plenty of plants too that make the place like natural. This is a destination to many families and visitors who wish to discover animals’ habitats identical to their original homes. It has plenty of different animal species coming from different places and a great range of African and Arabian animals that you don’t see in other zoos such as Arabian Tahr and Oryx. The zoo features a big Cat house, Meerkats, Lions, Cougars, Jaguars and Leopards. It also has a reptile house, monkey compounds, aquarium, and bird cage.

It took one and a half hour drive for us to reach Al Ain Zoo from Abu Dhabi, City. The zoo is HUGE that requires a lot of patience and energy to see around. It is well designed & looks quite like a jungle in the middle of the desert. I did not expect to see rhinoceros in reality and the other animals that I’ve only saw on screen or books. It was fulfilling that I’ve finally seen them in reality there. It was a fun filled adventure. This Zoo is definitely the destination to go!