We had our first road trip from Manila to Bacolod City last August 2018. We used Waze app to guide us coz we are not familiar with the roads and it helps a lot. It was a long and tiring journey but FDK needs to bring the car to Bacolod and that’s the only way. We started early at 4:30AM and we reached Batangas Port at around 8:00AM. We boarded the FastCat ship and reached Calapan Port, Mindoro after two hours of sailing. 

FastCat Ship
Batangas Port

We had our breakfast at City Mall food court and stopped by at Coffee Bar to order Hot Chocolate for me and Brewed Coffee for FDK to wake us up for another 2 hrs of travel, it’s a newly opened coffee shop in Calapan City that time. With the nice ambiance and great taste coffee, this place is worth a visit by coffee lovers.

Coffee Bar
Calapan City, Mindoro

On our way to Roxas, we saw fruits stands along the road. It’s very enticing so we have decided to buy something. Then we stopped at Nanay Goyas Garden Restaurant to buy some fruits that we can eat while traveling like Rambutan, Lanzones and Banana. All tastes good! 

Nanay Goyas Garden Restaurant

We reached Roxas at around 12:00NN. Since the weather is bad, we’ve waited till 5:00PM to board the Roro Vessel by Montenegro Shipping Lines. We had another 6hrs of sailing and encountered heavy waves and storm but thanks God we arrive  safely at Port Alegria Nabas, Aklan at 12:00 Midnight.

Roxas Port, Mindoro

We spent the rest of the night at Andres Resort, Nabas. The next day early morning we started our next journey to Dumangas Port, it’s another 4-5 hours drive. 

Andres Resort
Nabas, Aklan

On our way, we stopped over at Kalibo for lunch and make a quick visit at Pastrana Park to take some photos of the place.

Pastrana Park
Kalibo, Aklan

We had our lunch at RML Manokan House and ordered Chicken BBQ and oysters (talaba). The best oysters that I’ve tried so far because of its freshness and great taste. 

RML Manokan House
Kalibo, Aklan

Our next stopover was in Midway Restaurant situated in Passi City, Iloilo. There we had a light snacks, I ordered halo-halo and of course coffee for FDK coz he needs to stay awake for the entire trip ha ha ha. This place is awesome with a nice mountain view and a swimming pool, it’s perfect for family getaways and venue for different occasions. We didn’t stay long since we’re running out of time so we just finished our food, take photos of the place then we left. 

Midway Restaurant
Passi City, Iloilo

We reached Dumangas Port at around 5:00PM. By that time the Montenegro Ship was about to leave and we’re lucky enough that they waited and let us board. After 2 hours of sailing we finally reached Bredco Port, our final destination. Hello, City of Smiles!

Bredco Port
Bacolod City