We are just driving around the City of Manila when we suddenly encountered massive traffic. Out of curiosity, we had decided to check out what’s inside since it’s becoming more popular on social media at that time and paid Php450 for the entrance fee.

This place is not that big but they have plenty of gigantic Upside Down house features and illusions that have never been seen before in the Philippines. Their staff was helpful and they can even take pictures of you if you want. One staff approached us and volunteered himself to take photos and suggested some interesting poses so that the picture will appear artistic and realistic; just be ready with your wackiest and silliest pose for more fun. It’s such a fun experience.

We stayed there for only an hour since we finished the tour early. All in all, we’ve got a fun-filled experience and enjoyed the time we spent there. Most of all we got a lot of funny and crazy photos to treasure. This museum turned my whole world Upside Down 😂