“The UAE’s highest peak”

Jebel Jais experience starts with a 30km snaking drive to the top of the mountain with a scenic experience. The place is absolutely one of the most beautiful God’s creations that definitely a must see when visiting Ras Al Khaimah. This is also the home of the longest zip line of the world. There are plenty of interesting things to do here too such as Hiking, Cycling, Sightseeing and Camping. It has parking places, food trucks, toilets and a viewing platform. Nothing beats a weekend experiencing Jebel Jais, an awesome place to visit during winter season.

We’ve put up our tent at one of the camp site close to the top of the mountain. There are many campers were already there ahead of us but we’re still able to get a good spot. We did not get bored since the place was surrounded with lights and music. We had BBQ for dinner, good thing is we brought charcoal grill since there’s no grill section in that camp site. The place is well maintained and safe. I guess there can never be a better place than this for BBQ and Camping. This is the best spot to set up tents, for picnics or just to enjoy cold breeze.

We were up at 6:30 the next morning and witnessed the beautiful sunrise and scenic mountain view all around while sipping a hot coffee. The cool & fresh surrounding is superb! 

We had paid AED5 tariff fee to enter the observation deck. The perfect spot to explore and relax at the top of the rocky mountains. The viewing platforms and telescopes give the best sea and mountain views as well as of the magnificent sunrise and sunset. It has plenty of shade and seats available for picnics or just to sit back and relax.

This adventure is beyond imagination; a perfect opportunity to experience the breath-taking views from the highest peak of UAE. It was a long trip from Abu Dhabi. However, it was worth and a perfect winter experience.