People’s Park, Davao City

Situated in the heart of the city. This park is free for locals and tourists. I am new to Davao and the first place we’ve visited is this park. We had explored the park and seen a lot of interesting activities happening around and lots of nice sculptures for picture taking. Visitors will never get bored in this park. We’ve also seen many people jog, walk and exercise there. The park is clean and well-maintained except the drained fountain. It is good for picnics, stroll and hangout with family. Also, to spend the day with nature at no cost.

The park has also plenty of food vendors selling different varieties of street foods and drinks like kwek-kwek, isaw, balut, kikiam, squidball, tempura, fishball, sweetcorn, hotdog and many more at affordable prices. All food that I’ve tried were superb! This place is perfect for food tripping and street food lovers. We really had satisfying afternoon at this park.

We had our first dinner in Davao at Roxas Avenue Night Market. Famous in Davao; the best street food market that I have experienced. That night we had grilled pork & chicken for dinner and durian ice cream for dessert, it all tastes great and prices was very affordable. It is great place to try different street foods choices. I guess this is the best night market in the Philippines. 

The next day first thing in the morning we went to Crocodile Park to catch the bird show and other friendly animal encounter, about 20 minutes away from the City through taxi. The show was amazing and very entertaining, I’ve even participated and was kissed by Orangutan in my cheeks hahaha! Very unforgettable funny experience. We really had a great time there with nature and  animals. Definitely a great place of all ages especially kids. Entry fee is Php250 for adult and Php150 for kids, bit pricey but It’s really worth it. 

I’ve also got the chance to see Pangil there, “the Philippine biggest living crocodile” after Lolong and was able to hold different animals. 

We went to Tribu K’Mindanawan Cultural Village. From there we had grilled chicken and fish sinigang for lunch. 

Magsaysay Park, facing the “Samal Island”. We went there actually to buy some pasalubong and try their durian but since we still have plenty of time, we  spend it to explore the place. It’s not durian season yet that time so the price is very costly, we just bought only one and some candies instead. 

Davao Crocodile Park