“El Nido” is the best beach and island destination in the Philippines, situated at the northern end of Palawan Island. With its white sand beach, crystal clear water and lush limestone cliff walls this place indeed a paradise. One of the main activities here is the island hopping, which is organized into 4 different itineraries, named as Tour A, B, C & D. These tours will take you to different areas of El Nido Islands to discover and explore its beauty. 

We availed the Island Hopping Tour A, one of the most popular itinerary in El Nido. It has a good combination of beautiful beaches and lagoon, where you can relax, swim, snorkel and experience kayaking. Here are the different spots included in the itinerary:

  1. Secret Lagoon
  2. Small Lagoon
  3. Big Lagoon 
  4. Shimizu Island
  5. 7 Commando Beach

Tour A cost Php 1,200 plus Eco-Tourism Development fee of Php 200 (this is a mandatory fee). Inclusions are the following:

  1. All tour A destinations
  2. All Entrances 
  3. Boat and crew
  4. Tour guide
  5. Picnic lunch buffet
  6. Mask and snorkel

A not so secret “Secret Lagoon” anymore since a lot of people already know about this tiny lagoon; enclosed with limestone cliffs. It has a small hole opening that requires extra care to slip inside. 

Kayaking in “Small Lagoon” is an awesome experience! It was my first time and I’m a bit scared to try; I take the risk coz I don’t want to waste the opportunity. It was actually fun and my fears turns into to excitement when we started paddling. This place is absolutely amazing with its great limestone formations, crystal clear water and beautiful natural scenery. 

“Big Lagoon”  is truly captivating. It’s surrounded with beautiful limestone and breathtaking scenery.  It’s so relaxing and peaceful than the other spot.

As part of the tour package, we stop for picnic lunch in Shimizu Island. An Island where visitors stop for lunch and relax after morning activities. We had rice, seafoods, vegetables and fruits. It all tastes good and perfect to regain our strength for the next adventure. We had a great time in this tiny island; taking photos, relaxed and chitchat with others. The island is so gorgeous and best for snorkeling for its colorful small fishes and corals. I love it here and It’s like a paradise for me. 

Seven Commando Beach was named after the Japanese commandos who inhabited the island after World War II. This was the last stop of our Island hopping and spent the rest of our time here. The place is clean and calm; perfect to relax and unwind; also good for swimming with its crystal clear water and white sandy beach. It has plenty of palm trees that make the place more picturesque.

It was a great adventure indeed! 

Truly the Philippines is gifted with such wonderful natural creations.