We went to Baguio without any plan. I’ve never been there so we decided to take the trip. Since it would be a long drive, we had decided to take bus for our convenience; from Cubao to Baguio costs only Php485. The plan is to take the earliest schedule but since it’s chaotic in Cubao terminal we had the 2:00am trip instead and it took at least 5 hours to reached Baguio. We booked for one night stay in Valencia Baguio Transient House that we found it in Airbnb site cost only Php 1,500/night. It’s quite cheap but exceeds our expectations, the place is actually good, comfy, clean and very accessible coz it’s located just in downtown. SM, Session Road and Burnham Park are just 5-10 minutes walk.

Baguio City also known as “The City of Pines” offers plenty of activities such as exploring Strawberry Farms, Mines View Park, Burnham Park, Wright Park, The Mansion, Tam-Awan Village, Botanical Garden and many more. This place is abundant in beautiful and natural scenery. One of the reasons to visit this place is due to its mountain cool weather, it’s a perfect destination for those who want to escape the tropical heat. 

We first visited the Burnham Park, located in the heart of Baguio City. The place is a popular destination for locals and tourists. I used to see this park only in pictures and television; but that time I was really glad that I finally saw and experienced it in reality. We had a great time there; we fully explored the place, took lots of nice photos and even tried the Igorot native costume. The place offers a lot of outdoor activities perfect for all ages and kids will surely love riding a boat at Burnham Lake. It’s also good for strolling, picnic and relaxation, just look for a comfy spot coz it’s quite crowded there. Street food lovers will love this place too coz they have plenty of food vendors, but a bit pricey 😬. One of a must visit in Baguio. 

The same day afternoon we explored the Wright Park, It’s very crowded that time, still we did enjoyed the place. We saw a lot of colorful horses in the stable and  people enjoying the horseback riding especially the kids. I was not interested in the ride; I felt pity with the poor horses, they look tired and still the caretakers allowed the visitors to ride them.

“The Mansion” very popular attraction in Baguio. We just stopped by there to take pictures, luckily we got the chance to get inside the gate. It’s a great place for sightseeing and taking photos, nothing else LOL. Still worth a glimpse in Baguio.

Mines View Park, was our last stop for that day. I did not totally enjoy the place coz it’s really overcrowded 😔 It might be better to visit here during weekdays.  Good thing is they have a lot of souvenirs shops in the area where we bought pasalubong. So we spent our time there instead.

The next day we went to Strawberry Fram in La Trinidad, Benguet to experience strawberry picking but sad to say it’s not the right season yet so just enjoyed the scenery and the food instead. There’s a lot of vendors selling strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho, and it’s all so yummy but a bit pricey he he he. This place is one of the famous attraction in La Trinidad, visitors come here to see the actual strawberry plantation and mainly to experience strawberry picking.